Make Time For Social Media – 3 Simple Tips

One of the most common responses I get from business owners when I tell them that I do social media marketing is, “I don’t have time keep up on social media for my business.” This is often a concern for business owners, so I’m going to give you 3 simple tips and tricks for how to MAKE TIME to keep up with your social media.

1) Plan

Creating content doesn’t have to be something you do on a whim. In fact, creating content for your business should reflect around your company’s current marketing plan. Depending on the product or service you have to offer, there is a good chance you have an editorial calendar already in place. If you do, this is a perfect resource to begin structuring upcoming content around. You probably won’t want to plan out months and months ahead of time, but you may want to at least get a week or two under your belt.

If you don’t have a marketing calendar to work with, then think about the various types of content you could post about and begin gathering it together. Whether it be industry related images, news articles, tips, or a look into your business. You can also think about upcoming events your company may be involved in and work backwards from them, to begin to ramp up the hype.

Think ahead and plan in advance.

2) Schedule

This part can be easier said than done, but carve out time each week to work on your social media. According to the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, “The majority of marketers (59%) are using social media for 6 hours or more each week, and a third (33%) invest 11 or more hours weekly.” Although you may not think that investing that much time on social media is worth it for your company, industry research would suggest that it is. You can find stats to back up this information here, here, and here. Don’t forget to include time for planning, content creation, content automation (which will be discussed next), monitoring, interacting, and reporting.

I know sometimes it can be hard to think that you should really invest time into “playing on Facebook”. When you think about it, though, you’re actually investing this time into marketing your business. It’s no different than attending a networking event, having a meeting with a potential client, or investing money into a billboard. Whatever way you spin it, you’re still investing time or resources to market yourself and your business.

3) Automate

One of the most useful features for saving time when trying to get your social media maintenance under control is automating your posts. You can do this through a few different platforms, including Hootsuite (my personal favorite), Buffer (another great service), and Facebook even now offers automation for your business page posts.

Automating your posts means that you can schedule them out in advance. Services like Hootsuite and Buffer also allow you to choose which social media services your content will send out through, which is great if you’re wanting to post content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ all at the same time, for instance.

One word of caution, however, is to not become a slave to automation. If you find interesting content that is worth posting on a whim, then post it. (Just be sure not to clutter your feed up too much, or users might get annoyed with you.) And since social media is all about being social, you’ll want to be sure to respond back to those who comment on your posts.


So there you have it! My 3 simple tips about how to make time for social media for your business. What’s holding you back from really diving into social media marketing for your business? Is it time? Let me know in the comment section, below!


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