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Do you post social media content for your business? If you do, you likely have hit a wall more than once or twice when it comes down to coming up with unique content all week long, every week of the year for your business. We get it. Sometimes, we have a hard time with it too. This article will walk you through some fool-proof strategies to get you inspired to create epic Facebook content ideas for your business.




Facebook Competitor Analysis

Performing a competitor analysis is hands-down our favorite way to get some great inspiration for different types of Facebook content your company can post. If you’re unfamiliar with what a competitor analysis is, it’s a report where information is gathered about marketing tactics from other successful businesses within your industry. When you perform a social media competitor analysis, ideally, you take an in-depth look at what others are doing on social media in your industry.

You typically want to find businesses who you feel are doing better than you with their marketing strategies because these will often be the businesses who have interesting or unique content.



How To Do It:


The first thing you need to do is identify which competitors to analyze. You may already know who the competitors are that you’d like to include. If you don’t, you can begin by doing a Google search for other businesses within your industry. You could also hop on Facebook and use their search functionality to see who you can find. It might take a little digging, but finding good competitors is key to creating good results with the report.

Once you identify at least 5-10 of these businesses, begin to look through their Facebook Pages. In this case, you want to pay attention to the types of content they post. While you’re looking through the content of others in your industry, take note of the posts that draw you in, make you want to explore more, or evoke some sort of emotional response. Also, pay attention to the posts that get more likes, comments, or shares than others. You can find this information at the bottom of each post.

Next, you need to document your findings. When we do this, we’ll often take screenshots of different types of posts or write down different ideas on a spreadsheet, so we have an archive of different content types. You can gather the content in whichever way works best for you, but you should take some notes. Often, we’ll start a document that includes each competitors name and Facebook URL. From there, you’ll want to keep your content organized. We often use headings and include bullet-pointed lists. For instance:

Competitor #1: Facebook URL

Average number of posts per week: 4

Types of content:

  • Videos
  • Quote graphic
  • Employee spotlight
  • Event sponsorship
  • New product
  • Link to their blog article
  • Curated news
  • Press release
  • Etc.

Once you compile the different content types, you’ll likely find that you now have tens of different Facebook content ideas that you can rotate through on a weekly or monthly basis.

Check out another article we’ve done about creating a competitor analysis. 


Industry News

Industry news is one of our primary sources of inspiration when it comes to posting different types of content. It can be beneficial to share because it shows your audience that you keep your pulse on what’s important in your industry and you’re there to share that information with them. By following along with industry news, you’ll also likely earn a thing or two about your industry. So while this is obviously a good thing for your customers and clients, it can also be a great resource to create your ideas for content. For instance, if we were to read something about a new Facebook update, it might make sense for us to do an opinion piece about how that update will work for users. Then, we could share out a portion of our content instead of curated content (or content that someone else produces and you’re sharing).


How To Do It:


We use an RSS reader to subscribe to different industry blogs, news sources, or publications. An RSS reader stands for Real Simple Syndication. It’s a way for you to subscribe to multiple article resources easily. The nice thing about an RSS reader is that all of your subscriptions will filter into one website. Having one website to hold your articles keeps you from having to go to multiple sites to find information.

You can easily scan headlines and then pick and choose which articles you want to read and potentially share on your Facebook page. The RSS reader we use is from Feedly.com. The free subscription offers a lot of options, and we like it.

RSS Reader Feedly

Many RSS readers include the capability to share articles right from within the RSS reader. It may be an added cost, so you’ll need to check on that before you share.

To share this content easily, when you go to create a Facebook post, you have the option to schedule them. Typically, you’ll need to open the article from the source (in Feedly, you just click into it, and this happens automatically) before you share it. An RSS reader lets you check your articles a few times a week, and then schedule the ones out that you find to be useful. Not only will this keep some steady content coming into your Facebook feed, but it will also allow you to save a lot of time.





I’m not going to lie. I get a ton of social media inspiration for Facebook from Pinterest. Whether it’s a meme, a funny or inspirational quote, or another idea for content, for some reason the creative nature of Pinterest helps me to get ideas flowing for types of content to use on Facebook.

The trick with this is making the content uniquely yours. So instead of stealing an inspirational quote right from the site, you could verify the quote, and then create your graphic, sized for Facebook and with your brand colors and logos.

You also need to keep in mind that Pinterest typically shows content in more of a vertical pattern. Facebook shows content more horizontally. So stealing content directly from Pinterest isn’t always the best strategy.


How To Do It:


As an example, if I go to Pinterest and search, “marketing quotes,” I’ll get a lot of different options, as you can see below.

marketing quotes

I decide I’m going to use the quote, “Stop selling, and start helping,” by Zig Ziglar. To make this quote unique to your company, we recommend using the website, Canva. Our graphic designer created a quote template for us to use that we can quickly update within Canva, so when we customize it, the graphic turns out something like this:

custom quote graphic

Keep in mind, the more you can make authentic and unique-to-you content, the better.


Customer questions

As someone who works in your business every day, you probably have a keen sense of what your customers want. Likely, they have common questions that they ask about your products or services. Your Facebook Page is a great place to answer those questions. You could address them either in a blog post that you share to Facebook, a prerecorded video, a live video, or a custom graphic.


How To Do It:


Social media isn’t about selling. In fact, it’s mostly about building relationships with people who could be interested in your brand. If you take pride in the customer service that your business offers, then providing another outlet to interact and serve your customers on Facebook should be a no-brainer.

I believe in note-taking, but even if you have a scratch pad, you could write down different commonly asked questions you get from your customers. Then think about how you can answer those questions through your Facebook content.

For instance, if you were a florist and you had brides asking about favorite types of bouquets, you could easily take a few photos of your top styles and create a Facebook post mentioning what they are and why they are popular. It will build your credibility and help your customers out at the same time.


Other Facebook Pages

What do other Facebook Pages have to do with your Facebook page? Well, they may have content that you might want to reshare. Or, similarly to the competitor analysis, they might have unique content that you can get ideas from. If you’re going to share content from others, this strategy works best if:

  • You work for a franchise type business, and you can share content from your corporate office’s Facebook Page.
  • You are a local business or organization which supports or partners with another local company or organization. Then, you can share content in support of one another.
  • The content is coming from someone in a similar industry to you. For instance, we could share content on our Facebook Page from another marketing company who isn’t necessarily competing with us.


How To Do It:


To share content from someone else’s Facebook Page to your Facebook Page is pretty simple. Either you can share the content from something you see in your personal timeline, or you can keep all of the Pages you’d like to follow on your Page and share it from there. I think this is the better way to do it. Then, your business has its own News Feed of other business content to share easily. You can be logged onto Facebook from a personal account to do this.

Let’s say you wanted to share content from our Facebook Page to your Facebook Page. To get our content to go into your business Page’s News Feed, you’ll need to like our Facebook Page. Here’s how:

Search for the name of the Facebook page in the search bar.

Once the Page loads, you need to look underneath their profile image and click on the ellipses.

Then, select, Like As Your Page.

Finally, select which Page you’d like to like them as.

Now, when you go to your Facebook Business Page, after scrolling down a little bit, you should see a post that says “See Pages Feed.”

This will display Pages that your company likes. If I find a post that I would like to share, underneath that post, I can select Share.

When you select Share, you’ll get a few options. You’ll want to choose Share to a Page.

Make sure the Page you’re posting to and how you’re posting is selected correctly. Then, you can add your status update to the content before sharing it out.

This is an easy way to not only support others on Facebook but to share content as well. Or you can skip the last few steps and use this tactic to monitor content that’s coming through your News Feed.





Repurposing content

The concept behind this one for coming up with Facebook content ideas is based on using content you already have. If you’re producing high-quality content on a regular basis, you likely have things you can repurpose for your social media page. Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to?


How To Do It:


For this example, we’ll talk about repurposing a blog article. So if you’ve written a blog article on your website, here are a few ways you can share the same piece of content in multiple posts.

  • First share idea: If you write a blog post, you can easily share that to Facebook. In fact, you should share that to Facebook. Likely more than once. Be sure you include an enticing status update that users will want to click on so they will read the article.
  • Quote idea: You could also take quotes from your blog content and create unique quote graphics. Then, you can add a shortened link back to your blog. You could do this for multiple quotes in the blog, which means you could potentially have numerous posts.
  • Personal video idea: You can create a video talking about a point of your blog article and then include a shortened link to your blog post, as well. This could be a video where the author of the blog is talking about some of the critical points. Or you could pick one central point of the article and do a one minute or so video about it.
  • Additional video idea: You could take a few lines of the blog and turn them into a short video using different graphics or background video. To do content like this, we use a software called Animoto, which we really like.
  • Live video idea: Take a live video of yourself promoting the blog article and telling your audience what type of information they will find in the blog article and why they will want to definitely read it. Include a link to the article in your status update.

Wow! That’s a handful of posts from one original type of content. See how easy it is to reuse, recycle, and repeat?



Your employees

For our last suggestion to find inspiration for epic Facebook content ideas, we’re going to use the people you already have in your organization. Whether you are a small business or a large business, this one can still work. Your employees should know a lot about the ins and outs of your business. Use their information to your advantage. Also, use your employees as a way for your audience to get to know your business on a more personal level.


How To Do It:


Similarly to how we recommended earlier that you pay attention to your customer’s questions, you should also pay attention to your employees. What cool projects are they working on? Are they celebrating significant life events? What are they saying about your customers, services, products?

Think of what types of things happen within your business on a daily basis that an outsider could be interested in. You can create different types of content depending on how you decide to share the information.

In some instances, a behind-the-scenes video could be a good option. Show your audience something that they wouldn’t be able to see anywhere else than on your Facebook Page.

In other instances, a simple picture with an announcement or update about something would work well. This could be a new product or service launch, an event your employees recently took part in, or a new initiative within your organization. The possibilities are endless!

You can also tap into your employees to get things like customer testimonials from whoever handles customer support on your team.

If you have enough employees to do employee spotlights, you could even showcase certain employees on your Facebook Page and tell your audience a little bit about why they are so awesome.

You know how important employees are to run a successful business. Utilize them to help you create content ideas that will relate to your customers and make them want to follow along with your business online.




Coming up with content to post on Facebook can be tricky. It doesn’t have to be, though! Use these fool-proof strategies to create epic Facebook content ideas, and you’ll be well on your way building awesome and lasting customer relationships!

What are some things your business does to brainstorm Facebook content ideas? Leave us a comment below!


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