You have a story. We help you share it.

Internet marketing is a lot like a circus. It takes preparation, practice, collaboration, creativity, teamwork, execution – and of course, enough excitement to wow the crowd.

We create Internet marketing solutions for clients in many industries, using the right mix of tools selected just for them.

Whether you need content on your website spruced up, a full social media competitive analysis, or social media networks monitored while you take care of business, we’re here to help.

More About Us

Our company is located in beautiful Spokane, WA, but we’ll work with clients from pretty much anywhere, which is one of the benefits of modern technology.

Squishy Peanut Marketing was started with a passion for wanting to help small businesses with their marketing. As our company has grown, so has our client base and the size of businesses we work with. Our clients utilize our services ranging from one-on-one training sessions or classes to helping create entire social media marketing strategies.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

  • I could use some help writing content for my website.
  • I want to learn something about Internet marketing.
  • My social media profiles for my business need to be set up.
  • Managing my social media content overwhelms me.
  • I need help with email campaigns.
  • I’d like to learn how my business can grow from a blog.
  • I just want to hang out because you seem cool.

If this list describes your circus, our marketing ringmasters can help you.

About the Social Ringmaster aka Founder, Deanna Tiemann

Deanna Tiemann

With a background working in film/video production, website design and development, and B2C eCommerce sales, she’s worked with hundreds of clients and customers. She also has a passion for learning about businesses and what it is that makes them passionate about what they do. This ongoing desire to learn, paired with her past experience, fuels her fire to continue helping clients with their marketing needs.

The smart stuff:

  • B.A. in Communications from Hope College, Holland, MI
  • NxLevel Entrepreneur Graduate

Fun Facts:

  • Originally from Michigan
  • Enjoys hiking and dancing
    (sometimes at the same time)
  • Thinks she can sing better
    than she actually can
  • Is a wife and mom
  • Does craft projects when bored (which is never)
  • Hates cleaning her house and doing dishes, but does it anyway
  • Follows recipes like a pro
  • Lover of good friends, cheap wine,
    and ice cream
  • Talks faster than most