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How to Adjust Timings on Canva Videos

Have you ever tried to adjust the timing on Canva videos? It seems like something that should be easy to do, but unfortunately, there’s no simple solution.  We love using Canva for simple graphics for our clients or for our own social media. We even wrote a whole...

How to use LinkedIn Messaging Ads

Have you heard of LinkedIn messaging ads? Have you even tried LinkedIn advertising? If your company is B2B or you rely heavily on networking, LinkedIn is a great platform for you.  However, you might have started a LinkedIn profile and been unsure where to start....

How to Launch a Product on Instagram

If you want to launch a product on Instagram, there are quite a few ways to do it. Not only that, but it's a great tool for introducing any product to the world. According to eMarketer, 11% of Instagram users use Instagram to shop for products. Instagram’s own user...


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