Cascade Defense is an information security company that came to us with difficulty finding their ideal customer. Because their company hits such a specialized field, they felt they had reached the limit of their own contacts and wanted to figure out how to grow beyond where they already were. Most of their business typically came from referrals so they were looking to see how to expand their marketing efforts to garner new leads. 



We decided to take a deep dive into their industry with a Market Research Report. We looked through databases, publications, and analytical software to understand more about who their target audience is, how to reach them, and what messages they respond to most. 



We developed buyer personas to help them understand the key players within their audience and their behavior. That included how they consumed media, what brands they followed, and how they made their purchasing decisions. This helped them understand how to connect with their ideal customers and also emphasized the importance of becoming thought leaders in their industry. This eventually led to a more robust blogging campaign that the Squishy Peanut Marketing team assisted with in order to build upon what was found in the Market Research Report.