#SpokaneAMA: B.U.M.P. Your Brand

#SpokaneAMA: B.U.M.P. Your Brand

Whether you were able to attend our first #SpokaneAMA or not, you’re definitely going to want to mark a spot on your calendar for the next one, which is going to be all about branding. We had a blast at our first #SpokaneAMA and we also got some great feedback,...
Promoting a Workshop

Promoting a Workshop

The following guest post was written by Frank Hutchison (Me2 Solutions) in response to several questions asked during an event called Ask Me Anything: Business Communications Under the Gun hosted by Me2 Solutions and Squishy Peanut Marketing.  The...

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SEO Tips for Pinterest

Is it a search engine or a social media platform? Why not both? Pinterest certainly has more social elements than sites like Google or Bing, but it’s not exactly the same as Facebook or Instagram.  Regardless of whether it’s a social media platform or a search...

How To Set Up Autoresponders in MailChimp

It's time to set up autoresponders in MailChimp! Have you ever wondered how you will sometimes subscribe to an email list and then you begin receiving emails that directly pertain to the reason you subscribed to the list? Maybe they are customized to the purchase you...

How to Add Multiple People to an Asana Task

If you need to add multiple people to an Asana task, it’s not always clear how to do it. If you’ve tried and ended up making more work for yourself, we’ve been there too.  At Squishy Peanut Marketing, we’ve used Asana for over a year, our founder Deanna Tiemann...


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