Sometimes when people hear the word “sales,” they immediately think of the sleazy door-to-door salesman with Tupperware, trying to sneakily get you to buy two packs without even knowing it. It’s true, sales is a subtle art, but it doesn’t have to be about sleazy salesman or a quick pitch. That’s why we like content marketing. It allows you an opportunity to generate leads, which can turn into sales, without tricking customers into getting things they don’t want. 

The best marketers know how to approach sales with style, where relationships are built with the consumer before they are offered new products and services. This makes them feel like they are being helped without feeling like they have fallen victim to a slimy sales tactic. This kind of genuine interaction comes from time and attention put into figuring out precisely what your customers want and treating them as individuals rather than service packages.

Creating Engaging Content

So what is the best way to go about this genuine interaction? Blogging and social media are great ways to start. Both of these mediums allow you to share information with your customer without selling. If you sell a product, take time to think about the everyday uses of your product. How do you use it in your daily life? If you’re selling toasters, for example, you might share images of breakfast tables in the morning with toast: the good, the burnt and the messy, and include a caption or a story on how the features of your toaster make mornings more tolerable. Integrating little stories is key to creating a customer need for your product. Marketing is all about storytelling, and storytellers typically inspire more trust than salesmen.

Drip Funnels

Once you have potential customers on the bandwagon for your product, the fun part begins. Drip funnels are great ways to lead your customers deeper into your products without them having to put in the effort to go to your website and search for it. By nurturing lead generation, drip campaigns gauge the level of interest of a large number of customers to determine which ones are worth putting in the extra effort for. Check out the infographic below from Akshar Technologies for more information on drip funnels and how they can help with your sales strategies. 



You can also tell a lot about the goods and services your customers are interested in by the links they click, how much they click around when you send them something, and which ones they never open at all. Then you can use this information to retarget content in other forms – whether it be email marketing, Facebook ads, coupons codes, or more. Keep a close eye on the metrics that make up your day-to-day marketing. What is performing well or not so well? How do the things that perform well relate to one another? In other words, what specific content or strategy resonates with your customers?

In short, if you make your marketing strategy irresistible and necessary, then the sales will come naturally from the customer asking for more instead of you pushing them on why it is awesome. Sales can be a tricky game, but if you approach it with a genuine interest to engage your customer in your product or service, you can increase your profit while expanding your customer base.

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