Do you use your mobile device to manage your Facebook accounts for your business? If so, these are the Facebook apps you need to have!

Facebook Apps FacebookYou may be thinking; I have the Facebook app. Are you talking about the blue one with the “F” in the middle? Well…that’s one Facebook app. However, Facebook has a whole suite of apps made just for businesses to run their Facebook pages using mobile devices.

The blue Facebook app with the “F” in the middle is the main Facebook app. This app works great for personal Facebook usage. If you want to check on your friends and see what they are up to or post something to your personal account, this app is the one you need.

And, yes, you can use this to post to your Facebook business page, but it’s clunky, you’ll often end up posting to your page from your personal account instead of as the business, and it’s more challenging to use for business purposes than the next app I’ll tell you about.

You can download any of the apps I’m telling you about here from Google Play or the iTunes App Store. They are all free to download. (The instructions for use in this article are based on the iPhone. Android users should have similar functions.)


Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Apps Facebook Pages ManagerIf you don’t have Facebook Pages Manager on your phone or other mobile devices, this is the one you HAVE TO HAVE! The difference between Facebook Pages Manager and the regular Facebook app is that it’s meant to use for business profiles.

After you download it, it will ask you to log in. When it does this, it’s going to ask for your personal account information. Sometimes when I’ve seen clients do this, it throws them off. Keep in mind that your business pages are all linked through a personal account. So you want to log in under your personal account. Logging in this way will not show your business contacts personal information. All this does is tells Facebook which personal account you’re using that is tied to the business page/s you run.

Once it’s downloaded, you can easily toggle between each of your pages by selecting the three little lines in the upper left-hand corner. You can also easily publish posts directly from the app. This is handy if you have photos saved to your phone that you want to send out on Facebook to your business page, but don’t want to have to send them to your computer to add them from there. It saves time and is simple to do!

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Apps MessengerOne of our other favorite Facebook apps to help run your social media while on the go is Facebook Messenger. If you use Facebook personally, you likely have Facebook Messenger. A few years ago, Facebook did a sweeping push to get people to download this app instead of messaging through Facebook directly. The good news is, you can also use it for your business pages.

Toggling between your personal messenger and your business messenger is simple. All you need to do is select your pretty photo of yourself in the upper corner. This will show you the other messenger accounts you have access to, which you can choose and use.

Since people expect to receive responses to messages from businesses in a timely manner, using the Facebook Messenger app can help you to keep your community engagement up and makes it simple to use.


Facebook Ads Manager

With Facebook Ads Manager, you can create and monitor for your Facebook business pages. If you want to use Facebook ads on the go, this is the Facebook app you’ll need.

However, we’d still recommend running Facebook ads using Facebook Ads Manager on desktop through Facebook Business Manager for creating ads. It’s more robust will likely be easier for you to use. However, if you have ads running and want to check up on their performance, this tool is a great one to have at your fingertips.


Do you use any of these Facebook apps already for your business? Let us know what you think! And if you need help learning how to use them, schedule a time for a video or in-person training session.