If you need to add multiple people to an Asana task, it’s not always clear how to do it. If you’ve tried and ended up making more work for yourself, we’ve been there too. 

At Squishy Peanut Marketing, we’ve used Asana for over a year, our founder Deanna Tiemann is an Asana Certified Pro, and I’m an Asana Ambassador. It’s clear we love Asana. 

However, there have been some growing pains with the program. We don’t have a big team but sometimes assigning out tasks to multiple people can be annoying. Asana is pretty user friendly but every now and then, there’s something that doesn’t work like you think it will. 

Sometimes, you might have a project that your whole team needs to participate in or maybe it’s something that a certain group of people needs to see. Unfortunately, assigning tasks has some pitfalls that we’ve seen people make far too often. That’s why we’re sharing how you can add multiple people to an Asana task. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

Finish Filling Out the Asana Task Before Assigning

One of the biggest mistakes that a newbie Asana user will make is to start assigning a task to multiple people before the information is complete. 

We get it. The Assignee section comes first and so it’s tempting to start there. If you do it though, Asana will copy the task as it is and assign it to each individual person. That’s not what you want. You’ll end up having to go into each individual task and enter the exact same information. It gets tedious. 

Instead of wasting time doing that. Make sure you fill out everything you need to first. Give your task a title, a due date, add it to a project/section, add the description, and upload any files that you know are needed. 

Once the task is filled out completely, then you can think about assigning it to multiple people. That way, there’s no need for filling out multiple tasks. It’s all in one task that is assigned out to multiple people.

Add Multiple People to an Asana Task

The next mistake that people make is assigning this task to multiple people without first assigning the task to one person. 

The reason this matters is because Asana will duplicate the task to the people you assign it to but it will keep the first task as well. Either you’ll have to delete that first task or you need to assign it to someone first. 

For the above task, it’s assigned to me. Now, I’m able to assign copies by clicking on the assignee section and going to the right side where there’s the icon of two people. 

Once I do that, a popup will come up on the screen. I can start typing the names of other teammates and select them. Then, it’s as simple as clicking on “Assign Copies.”

Test it Out in Asana

Avoiding the two biggest mistakes with assigning out multiple tasks will be a definite time saver. Try it out with your Asana workspace today. 

If you haven’t used Asana yet, we highly recommend it. We’d be happy to help you get your first projects set up. If you’re curious about what it can do for you and your digital marketing, check out our recent blog post called How to Nail Remote Marketing with Asana

Feel free to connect with us to learn more about Asana or to get your team’s organization back on track. With more of the world working remotely, digital project management tools are more important than ever.