Commenting or liking a post from your company page on LinkedIn is not as easy as it is on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 

If you’re like me, you may not have thought it was even possible. A couple of weeks ago, LinkedIn recommended an article to me as something that the Squishy Peanut Marketing profile would want to interact with. When I clicked the notification, I was taken to a post that automatically populated with our company profile ready to like or comment. It was glorious!

Maybe you’re not as excited about this as I am, but you should be. If you own a B2B company, LinkedIn is crucial for attracting new leads. What normally happens though is a qualified salesperson creates their profile and tries to make connections with other people. This is certainly a more personal approach but what happens when that salesperson leaves the company? Or maybe you don’t want people connecting with a personal profile at all? 

You can’t add connections as your company but you can comment and like other people’s posts to get your name out there and make sure your company is a part of important conversations in your field. 

Becoming an Admin on a LinkedIn Company Page

linkedin company

The first step may seem obvious, but you need to be an admin on your company’s LinkedIn page to comment as that page. If you’re not even sure how to check that, here’s a step-by-step guide. 

First, when you’re logged into your LinkedIn personal profile, click the photo of yourself at the top of the page. At the bottom of the drop-down, you’ll have listed the companies that you are an admin for. (If you’re an admin for a company you no longer work for, help out their team and remove yourself from the page.)

linkedin company

If you need to add someone that you’d like to comment on your company’s behalf, click on to your company page and then select Admin tools. From there, you can click Page admins to adjust who has access to your company page. Whoever you add, will still need their personal profile. 

Keep in mind, that these people will be representing your company. They should be trained on your brand strategy, know the key messages, and be aware of social media etiquette. If you need help training your employees on any of this, feel free to reach out to the Squishy Peanut Marketing team for assistance

Keeping up with LinkedIn Hashtags

Now, that you have been added to your company’s LinkedIn page, there’s one easy spot that you can start interacting. 

On your company page, you can set up three different hashtags that you want to follow. They can be about your industry or specific to your company. For instance, if we knew that people were going to use the hashtag #squishypeanut for something related to our company, we would follow that hashtag and engage with the content that uses that. 

For our company, it’s more about following industry trends. That’s why we have #digitalmarket, #socialmedia, and #marketingresearch. 

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You might notice that we’re following #marketingresearch instead of #marketresearch. It seems like a minor difference but LinkedIn will tell you how many followers there are on a particular hashtag. It’s not always a case of bigger is better. Most of the time, you want to follow a hashtag that has a lot of activity, so you have more options for engagement and potentially more eyes to see your brand. 

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Once you’ve assigned your community hashtags, just click on one to be transported to a feed of posts from other companies or individuals using that hashtag. From there, you can like and comment as your LinkedIn company. It’s a great way to show you’re an expert in your field, build new connections, and even find content that you might want to share on your company’s LinkedIn page. 

Commenting on a Specific Post as your Company Page

Now, we’re going to get into something a bit more advanced. You probably won’t do this much but we wanted to make sure you at least knew how. 

You could scroll through your personal newsfeed or looking directly at a company’s profile and find a post that would be perfect for your company to interact with. After all, not every good post will use those three hashtags that you designated. 

Unfortunately, the process for doing this is cumbersome. LinkedIn may make updates to make this easier in the future but for now, you can be ahead of your competitors by learning this trick. 

When you visit your company page, the URL of that page includes a number. Save that number somewhere or even memorize it. 

When you find the perfect post, you’ll want to copy the link to that post and open it in a new tab. To do that, just click the three dots on the top right of the post. Then select “Copy link to post.”

Once you have the post open in a new tab, you have to add some extra details to the URL. At the end of the URL, you’ll write “?actorCompanyID=” and then put the company number that you saved from earlier. 

When you press enter, the post will come up again but this time, your company will be the commenter. 

As I mentioned, this is not easy to do especially if you want to interact with a lot of posts as your company. Use this just for those opportunities that you feel you can’t pass up. 

Now go test it out! I know we’re definitely going to use this feature more so be on the lookout for Squishy Peanut Marketing LinkedIn comments. If you comment on one of our company posts as your company, we’ll be so proud!