Social media has been around for well over a decade now. Businesses have really taken advantage of the benefits of it. From contests, to fan-gating, and even advertising, tapping into the social media frenzy is old news by now. But in truth, the way the social media game is played now is very different than it was 10 years ago. Heck, it’s very different than it was 2 years ago. With more and more social media marketing going towards advertising, you may be wondering if social media marketing for business is dying?

I don’t think it is.

Without a doubt, social media marketing is changing, but the industry is definitely not dying. In fact, “70% of marketers have successfully gained new customers via social networks.” (Source)

With that amount of traction, it’s doubtful that businesses are going to start jumping the social media ship anytime soon. It is possible, though, that businesses will need to start reevaluating their strategies. Staying on top of the most current trends is important and here are three of the ones you should pay close attention to because they are more alive than ever!


Video on social media is huge this year. YouTube is still a key player in this field, but with sites like Instagram allowing for short video uploads, Pinterest allowing users to pin videos, and Facebook incorporating their auto-play feature into the news feed and surpassing monthly video views vs. YouTube – video is bigger than ever!

Coming up with some sort of video strategy is going to be an integral piece in keeping up with the Jones’ and social media marketing in 2015.


Mobile viewing of social media continues to grow with the usage of smart phones. This affects marketers by the way you should be portraying your messaging; creating potentially shorter posts and more versatilely sized graphics along with mobile ad strategies will be important.


In recent years, for business, social media marketing has become less about the social and more about the marketing. And by that, I mean advertising. All of the main social media networks have advertising options for businesses and for Facebook, it’s pretty much mandatory to get any traction on the site at all. That said, with the right types of advertising, you can still keep up on the social piece of your marketing efforts by advertising to the right people and keeping the social buzz going with brand loyalty.

So no, social media marketing is far from dying. But it’s changing, it’s evolving and it’s worth it for businesses to keep up on it all.

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