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It’s never too late to start learning! We recently finished teaching our last class series. If you live in the Spokane, Coeur d’Alene or surrounding areas, we invite you to stay tuned for more!

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$35/class + Free Q&A Session


Classes will be limited to 8 attendees per class to keep sessions more personalized.


All classes will be held on Wednesdays at 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM, except for the free Q&A, which will be held directly after our last class.

We encourage you to bring a lunch during this time so you can lunch and learn!

Along with the prepared training sessions of these classes, you’ll be encouraged to be active in asking questions so you can get the answers you need about your business.


1421 N Meadowwood Lane, Suite #10
Liberty Lake, WA 99019

Social Media for your business

(CLASS COMPLETED) April 19th – Pros and Cons of the Top Social Media Sites For Your Business

Join us as we talk about the top SOCIAL MEDIA networks and compare pros and cons of each one, so you have a better idea of which one might work for you. We’ll touch on recent updates regarding the platforms as well as best practices for getting the most out of them.

Facebook for business

(CLASS COMPLETED) April 26th – Facebook for Business

In this class, we’ll be talking about FACEBOOK for business. We’ll walk you through how to optimize your Facebook profile with the new Facebook layout, review best practices for posting content to Facebook, and teach you time-saving tips to get the most out of your Facebook marketing.


(CLASS COMPLETED) May 3rd – Instagram for Beginners

INSTAGRAM can be a great way to share an inside perspective of your business. You’ll learn Instagram basics, best practices, and how to engage with your audience to grow your business by using Instagram.

Twitter basics for business

(CLASS COMPLETED) May 10th – Getting Started with Twitter for Business

If you’re interested in learning how to use TWITTER for your business, join us for this introductory class. Learn how to read and write tweets, interact, use hashtags, and grow your business on this popular social media network.

How to make money with LinkedIn

(CLASS COMPLETED) May 17th – How to Make Money with LinkedIn

In this class, we’ll be talking about LINKEDIN. We’ll talk to you about how to leverage your personal LinkedIn profile to grow your business and/or professional credibility. We’ll also touch on how to use LinkedIn’s free version to prospect for leads and find other industry professionals to do business with.

Email marketing to grow business

(CLASS COMPLETED) May 24th – Using Email Marketing to Grow Your Business

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways you can market your business. We’ll discuss programs to get you started, best practices, and how you can use email marketing to grow your business.

Content Creation Tips for Internet Marketing

(CLASS COMPLETED) June 14th – Content Creation Tips for Internet Marketing

During our Content Creation Tips for Internet Marketing class we’ll help you find simpler ways to create content for blogs, emails, and social media networks. Join this interactive class where we’ll be brainstorming and learning tricks of the trade to make your life easier!

Blog Writing Basics

(CLASS COMPLETED) June 21st – Blog Writing Basics

Blogging can be one of the best ways to publish original content, which can make you a brand expert in your field. We’ll talk about blogging best practices, how to use your blog to grow your brand, software programs to make blogging easier, and content writing tips so you’ll be ready to write by the time you leave!

Ask Me Anything

(CLASS COMPLETED) June 21st – Bonus AMA Style Q&A

If you attend any of our 8 classes in this session, you are invited back to this FREE Q&A session. This will be an “ask me anything” opportunity to ask additional questions about Internet marketing to help grow your business. Use the coupon code you received after registering for your first class to get this class for free.

If you didn’t attend the previous classes, you can purchase this class at regular price.

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