Scope of Services

Copywriting, Survey creation, lead generation campaign, Facebook page set up, Facebook training


The problem

Barney’s Harvest Foods purchased land surrounding their locally-owned grocery store. The community in South Spokane Valley is a tight-knit one but was lacking certain amenities. To draw appeal to the area, they had an interest in setting up an attractive development with the name of Ponderosa Village to house dining and retail establishments tailored to the people in the area. To do this, they needed to learn more about what the people wanted and find a way to get them involved. 


The solution

Over the course of several months, Squishy Peanut Marketing began working with Barney’s Harvest Foods on their new website for Ponderosa Village. We assisted their web design and development firm, Well Dressed Walrus, with the content on their new website.


Subsequently, Squishy Peanut Marketing worked with Barney’s long-time advertising agency, Purcel Advertising, to create a campaign that would attract additional input on the project. We assisted with copywriting of the bulk-mailer that went out to the residents in the area, as well as a lead-generation campaign including a survey.


To begin the lead-generation campaign, we asked residents to fill out a short survey in order to be entered to win a gift card for groceries. We created a landing page and an online survey, which garnered hundreds of responses. The results of the survey helped their team to narrow in on what types of businesses should be included in Ponderosa Village. 


From there, we set up a Facebook page so they would be able to announce new developments in the project and we trained their team on how to use it. 


Over the last few years, Ponderosa Village has begun to take shape and has attracted tenants such as Hello Sugar, The Mix Salon and Day Spa, Ponderosa Grill, and SNAP Fitness. 



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