Big goals call for big preparation.

Learn more about our competitor analysis and social media strategy solutions for your growing business.

Where do I start?

This can be one of the toughest questions you may ask yourself when you want to start marketing on social media or are looking to improve upon what you are currently doing.

Because of this, we offer social media strategy and analysis services tailored towards businesses. You’ll have a solid foundation made of facts and figures before you waste any time marketing your product or service incorrectly.

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Competitor Analysis

To do this, we pull together metrics about your competitors from the major social networking sites and even blogs. A competitor analysis helps us to determine where and how to best position your company online.

This is the best way for your business to understand which social networks to use to generate the most return on investment. This information will also help you to form realistic goals when diving into social media. That way, you aren’t wasting resources on networks where you might not need to be. Plus, you’ll use the right social media networks for your company and brand.

Also, it serves as a great learning tool about how to position your business within social media.

Social Media Strategy

When we create a Social Media Strategy for you, we’ll roll our Competitive Analysis and an editorial calendar into one, so you can be on your way to having a clear-cut strategy for marketing your business for months to come.

This process also takes into account the current bandwidth of your team, how much time you should be dedicating to your online marketing efforts, and how you can incorporate other inbound marketing materials into your overall social media marketing strategy.

Are you ready to get started learning the facts behind your social media? Contact us for a quote.

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