Have questions about social media, blogging, email newsletters, Facebook ads, or other Internet marketing strategies that you would love the answers to?

If it’s all a bit overwhelming to you, this is how to start. We’ll host a one-on-one training session, with only you.

In these sessions, you can join us as we sit down next to you, laptop in tow, to show you and explain to you how to tap into some of today’s most valuable marketing resources and help you reach your business goals. You’ll have the opportunity to tell us your marketing goals and it’s our job to give you solutions and walk you through the implementation of them.

These training sessions are “off-the-cuff”, meaning we answer questions as you ask them. If you’re interested in a session with prepared materials on a specific topic, look into our Prepared Training sessions.

One-on-One Training

Price: $115/hour
Number of Attendees: Up to 2 people
Location: Our Office or Yours (within 10 miles of Spokane)

Book a Time

Topics for one-on-one training can be customized to your needs. They include education on areas such as:

  • Introductory Social Media Training
  • Intermediate Social Media Training
  • Facebook Ads
  • Blog Training
  • Email Newsletter Training
  • Website Writing Training
  • General Content Marketing Training

Other Training Options

Need marketing training for a larger group?

Check out our group training sessions

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