The following guest post was written by Frank Hutchison (Me2 Solutions) in response to several questions asked during an event called Ask Me Anything: Business Communications Under the Gun hosted by Me2 Solutions and Squishy Peanut Marketing. 

Social Media was a large part of the SpokaneAMA – no surprise with Deanna Tiemann of Squishy Peanut Marketing as the co-host! So today we are reviewing the questions we received about social media.

social media questions answeredWhich is better for business connections – Facebook or LinkedIn?

The definitive answer is YES!!!!! Oh, wait, you want us to pick one? Then the answer is – IT DEPENDS. Brick and mortar stores should definitely be on Facebook because Facebook is positioning itself to be the go to place for retail sales. LinkedIn is positioned for professionals – if you are a targeting professionals as your customers, this is where you should be.

Don’t forget Google+. It’s the newcomer but its growing and it’s backed by Google. More importantly, Google has tightly integrated Google+ into its search engine results – so you are more likely to show up when people are using Google to find you.

Then you have to also consider Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube – these are all powerful channels for the audiences they serve. The best way to determine where to focus is to know your ideal customer and go to where they are.

Where can I learn Google+?

Just Google “How to use Google+” – there are 1,960,000,000 results. How else would you expect to learn Google+? (Or you can always contact Squishy Peanut Marketing for a one-on-one training session)

Can you have different profiles on Google+ (personal, business, etc.)?

Yes. But the nice thing about Google+ is they both work the same, so you don’t have to relearn the platform, like you do on Facebook.

What are some interesting ways to use Pinterest?

Pinterest is all about the visual (pictures, memes, graphics, etc.) – so ask yourself how do my customers use visuals? Then you must give your viewers a reason to engage further with you by lining your pins with your website or other links where they can get more information or actually buy stuff.

What’s your take on businesses using systems like Hootsuite and linking social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) together?

Anything that makes your life easier and the results better is something that we always encourage – why work harder than you have to? So systems that coordinate social media across multiple sites is a good thing. With that said, it very important to understand that posting the same information on very social media service is not the right approach – the message must be crafted for the media and the audience. For example, on Facebook you might post a picture and a short synapsis of a blog post while on Twitter you’ll have just a one line quote and a link to the blog.

As for which service to use, it answer really depends on how much use you’ll have, what you are willing to pay in time and or money, the features, etc. The best thing to do is experiment until you find a system that fits your needs. (Squishy Peanut would recommend Sprout Social over Hootsuite, though. You could also check into BufferApp, as well.)

So what are your questions about social media? Leave them in the comments section below and you’ll get answers!