The following post was written in response to a few questions asked during an event called “Spokane Ask Me Anything: B.U.M.P. Your Brand” hosted by Me2 Solutions and Squishy Peanut Marketing.

During our last #SpokaneAMA, we had several questions about one of Facebook’s most basic advertising features they currently use, called boosting posts.

What does boost your post mean?

Facebook currently only shows your content to a very small amount of people who already like your page. Depending on the source, I’ve heard it’s anywhere between 1-15% of people. That’s not very many.

Boosting your post basically allows you to pay Facebook to get your post to actually be seen by your followers and/or other people who you can select through targeting.

You can boost your post right from a status update, which makes it super easy to do. You will, however, need to have a credit card on file with Facebook in order to do this.

If Facebook tells you that you are getting a good response to a post, will boosting that post help?

This is something you may want to play around with, but in my experience typically when a post starts getting a good response from a small amount of people, when you promote it to a larger amount of people the response will be even better.

Before you boost a post, think about what your goals are for boosting it. Is it the type of post that users can opt into something, can purchase something, can get more information about something? If so, this could be a great type of post to boost.

If you want to boost the post just to get more eyes seeing it, that could be fine, too, but know that you might not get as good of an ROI (return on investment) on the post, if you do.

So I would advise to watch your posts within the first few hours of posting them, especially, gauge how much interaction you are getting from them, and if it seems like a decent amount, it might be worth promoting the post. Keep in mind that you can promote it for as little as $1/day and can always increase this budget if you find that the post if performing well for you.

Is there a place to get in writing how many people you will see your post if you boost it? 

Yes. Whenever you begin setting the parameters, including your budget for a post, Facebook will show you the approximate amount of people that post is likely to reach. In my experience, these numbers tend to be pretty accurate.

If you start to customize your post options even more and get into the actual ad dashboard, you’ll also be able to see the potential reach for your boost.