It’s something all savvy marketers know…the best times to post on social media.

So, you’ve done it. You have your profiles set up on the best social media network for your business, you created good content that you’re excited to share, and you’re ready to start posting on social media. Now comes the question, “When the heck do I post?!” 

For some industries, these times will vary. However, for the majority of 9 am – 5 pm businesses, whether b2b or b2c, there are common times people are most likely to be on social media and engage with what you are posting. 

In this article, we will break down what Sprout Social found to be the best times to post on social media for the top social media networks, and when you should be posting on your platforms. 


Facebook is by far the biggest social media platform, even if there are whispers out there that Facebook is dead. With over 2 billion active users, there is a great opportunity to keep your business top-of-mind with the right content. Engagement on Facebook relates to the number of comments, shares, and likes your post gets, not necessarily who is seeing your post. As you can probably see in this chart, Monday and Tuesday tend to be a little slower for engagement on Facebook. Toward the middle of the week, there is more of a surge in engagement, and traffic picks up a bit. 

Keep in mind that since these posting times are commonly known among marketers, there will be more competition during these hours. There is a solution to this. With the announcement of Facebook Zero, more meaningful interactions rank higher in the Facebook newsfeed. You can use the data from this chart to drive how those interactions might look for your business. For example, since Wednesdays rank highest in interaction and you may want to post on Wednesdays, consider that the middle of the work-week might be tiring for a good portion of your audience. How can your business or product to help them get through the rest of the week? Providing a little bit of encouragement and enthusiasm can be a great way to get your post noticed and improve your engagement. 

Best days to post: Wednesday, Thursday 

Best hours to post:  Around 9 am-2 pm 

Day of lowest engagement: Sunday


Despite only being around since 2010, Instagram has given Facebook a run for its money as far as active users and overall engagement (funny considering Facebook owns Instagram!) With over one billion active users, the platform operates within a similar algorithm as Facebook, opting for posts with engagement and buzz over displaying a chronological feed. It’s worth noting the overall demographic is younger than Facebook’s, which might explain why the global engagement chart looks so different. 

Since Instagram is such a visual social media network, it might be helpful to evaluate what kind of imagery you have for your business. If you’re posting as a podiatrist, for example, your audience may not want to see your before and after shots of foot fungus first thing in the morning, and you may see lower engagement during that time. Instagram users do have a generally later engagement period than Facebook’s, with the peak hours for Instagram engagement being 10 am-3 pm typically. Putting your content within the framework of this time to see what will work for you can help you increase your engagement, and get your content seen more. Don’t forget the hashtags! 

Best Days to post: Wednesday, Friday

Best hours to post: 10 am-3 pm

Day of lowest engagement: Sunday


Twitter is the most time-sensitive social platform of the group because it is more chronologically ranked than the other two we talk about in this article. With 500 million tweets sent a day on average, maintaining an active Twitter presence means consistent monitoring and posting, so it is important to know what times are key for getting content seen. It’s also key to the success of your business on Twitter to respond to any engagement in a timely manner. 

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, the peak time for Twitter is 9 am respectively, mostly because many news platforms use Twitter to share breaking news stories and important updates. It’s also interesting to note that Twitter has a shorter window of peak engagement than the other two platforms, with the engagement starting to taper off by about 2 pm on most days. For these reasons, it might be valuable to craft your content to read like and sound like news, without spreading fake news of course. 

Best Days to post: Tuesday, Wednesday 

Best hours to post: 9 am-10 am

Day of lowest engagement: Saturday


Considering the general demographics of LinkedIn users are people who own or work for a business, it’s no surprise that LinkedIn users engage with posts the most during business hours. Since LinkedIn users are more of a niche audience, it’s important to tailor both timing and the content to their needs, especially business-related needs. Addressing pain-points of the day-to-day life of a business can be a good way to start.

As we have seen with some of the other networks, the middle of the week seems like the best time for engagement from LinkedIn users. Keeping this in mind, how can you plan out your content so the best and most helpful information hits at the best time in the week?

Best Days to post: Wednesday, Thursday

Best hours to post: 8 am-3 pm

Day of lowest engagement: Sunday

The Best Times to Post on Social Media

Engagement on social media is far from a science. In truth, you can never really know with 100% certainty what your audience will and will not engage with, however by understanding your audience’s engagement habits and tailoring your content to the times and the subjects they are most interested in, you can encourage more engagement for your business.

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