Content marketing can help to both teach and entertain your customer base and is an effective way to show your company’s expertise. Need help jump starting your content marketing campaigns in the new year? Here are our top five tactics we will be using in content marketing campaigns in 2018.

Set attainable goals

Have a goal-setting session with your marketing team and determine how you hope to expand your reach in 2018. Goal setting is essential for figuring out what kind of marketing campaigns your business needs. Whether it be a platform you’re not using that you think could make a difference, or the way you’re creating and posting your content, having attainable goals helps make sure your tasks are executed and can help your team better plan out your content.

Invest your time in thought leadership

There’s an old saying: catch a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day, but teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime. At Squishy Peanut we are in the business of creating fisherman (so-to-speak), helping businesses learn how best to create content that their customers would find both useful and compelling. Help your customers become their fisherman with content that shows them you provide something they can’t find from any of your competitors: a genuine interest in their well-being.

Use Linkedin to boost your content reach

You can share your content to Facebook and Instagram, but we love LinkedIn because it is more of a wealth of knowledge for industry-specific trends and news, helping you narrow the field to your key audience when posting content. It’s also a great place to have forums with other professionals in your field on what tactics have worked for them and can spark ideas on what you can do to differentiate your brand.

Try using drip funnels

Drip funnels are the best way to gauge customer interest in your content through a variety of options through an email marketing campaign. They also automate all of your customer engagement based on your customer’s needs and interests, giving you a great list of which leads to follow up on first based on how the customers interacted with your email and what they clicked for more information about.

Quality THEN quantity

Focus on the material of your blogs first. Is there a specific need you’re filling for your customers? A service framed in a way they can’t resist? A title that is too tempting to scroll past? All of these factors are puzzle pieces necessary for creating quality content. Five great quality blogs are better for your customers than having more of less quality. Also, when you post too often, you can run the risk of clogging up your customer’s feeds, which often leads to unfollows.

What sort of strategies will you be using in your email marketing campaigns? If you need help, let us know!

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