Valleyfest is a local non-profit in Spokane Valley, WA that hosts an annual weekend festival to bring people together and enjoy all that the region has to offer including a parade, food, live entertainment, vendors, activities, and more.  




Valleyfest had some existing social media profiles, but the organization wasn’t as engaged with social media as it wanted to be. The Valleyfest team also needed assistance with getting people to attend events like the organization’s annual fundraiser. 


Solutions & Results


Working with the Valleyfest team for over 5 years, Squishy Peanut Marketing has provided services to allow the interns and staff of Valleyfest to have control of their marketing, while still having professional marketing assistance.


For the first year of the working relationship, Squishy Peanut Marketing worked with Valleyfest to get their social media profiles up to date, trained a team of high school students how to manage the Valleyfest social media accounts throughout the event, and set up strategies for managing the event for years to come. The results were engaging content with the most interaction the non-profit had seen on their social media channels, and a way for the community to continuously know what was happening during the event. 


In addition, Squishy Peanut Marketing created email marketing templates and campaigns to encourage sign-ups for the annual fundraiser, resulting in additional sign-ups and contributing to the overall fundraising goals.


The Squishy Peanut team also continually worked with the Valleyfest team to keep them up-to-date on marketing and social media trends and train their new interns on how to continue the existing Valleyfest marketing efforts.