Are you working for your website or is your website working for you? Drive traffic, encourage page visits, and share content with these seven website must-haves.

Email Subscription Form

If you use a third party email tool like MailChimp or Constant Contact, you want to make sure you are implementing ways to grow your existing email list. Most of this software has an easy way to integrate sign-up forms directly on your website. Include these sign-up forms in obvious places like your homepage or contact us page. If you have multiple groups or categories of subscribers on your email list, you can put the subscriber form that best pertains to your audience into specific landing pages on your website, too.

Social Sharing Icons

Using social sharing icons is of particular importance if you have a blog. You can use them in other places of your website as well. You want to make it simple for your site readers to share the content you are posting. By including the icons on your website pages, it will give users a way to share your content with a click of a button. Social sharing icons make it easier than having to copy and paste links.

SEO Optimization

We’re big fans of Yoast SEO and use it for our blog posts, like this one. Having the ability to customize things like metadata, page titles, and keywords can be very useful to help get your website found. Whether you use Yoast SEO or another search engine optimization software, be sure to have some optimization software installed on your website.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are pages within your website that talk about a particular topic or encourage a user to take a specific action. Often, they are any page of your website that isn’t your homepage. We have many landing pages on this website, and we use them for multiple things. Some are used to provide information. Others are used to collect information. For instance, we have a landing page on our website for a free giveaway that users can download. This landing page has the functionality to collect a person’s email address so that we can remarket to them later. Landing pages allow you to apply specific keywords for each page. They also keep your website visitors from getting confused, because they will find the information they are looking for easier.

Connecting your landing pages to each other with links within content or CTAs can help to drive traffic to different landing pages throughout your website, too.


To learn more about the importance of blogging, check out our other articles which you can see herehere, here, and here. We think blogging is super important to any business. It’s one of the best ways to provide the search engines with fresh content. Blogs can also prove you as an expert in your field. Plus, they automatically give you content to share on your social media sites.


Within the content of your website, you want to include a CTA or call-to-action. A CTA is your instruction to a site visitor to take the next step. It tells them where to continue in the process of navigating your website. In this article, for instance, we’ll include a CTA for a free consultation for anyone who is reading this and may realize they need further assistance with their website content strategy.


It can be time intensive to have to take information for prospects over the phone. To make your website work for you, utilize forms on specific pages of your website to collect information. You can include simple forms like a contact form or more in-depth forms for scheduling or surveying.

Do you have other tools that you enjoy using on your website? Share them with us!

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