Earlier this week I got the opportunity to host my very first Facebook Mastermind Workshop. It was a great few hours of businesses getting to utilize each other to pawn brainstorming ideas back and forth in order to hone in on their Facebook content for the next month.

During the session, a good question came up, which we addressed at the end. I think it’s an important question, though, so I wanted to take some time to answer it.

Why should I use a business page vs. a personal page for my Facebook account?

1) It’s the Rule.

Don’t believe me? Check out their Terms in Section 4.4, which says, “You will not use your personal timeline primarily for your own commercial gain, and will use a Facebook Page for such purposes.”

Meaning, if you’re using your personal Facebook account to try to make money by selling your services to others, they can shut down your account. So those 1000 friends you have, may not be your friends anymore.

2) It’s Professional.

It took years for Facebook to create a way for brands to really utilize the software, and honestly, I think this is one thing they got right. By having specific business pages, it allows users to have a better way to select which information they want to receive and who they receive it for. It keeps their friends from being spammers and allows them to connect with businesses for what they are. Businesses.

3) It’s Not A Two Way Street.

One of the very cool benefits of having a business page is that you don’t have to reciprocally “like” or “friend” someone back. Complete strangers are able to follow along with you and that’s the point, isn’t it?

4) Your Personal Stuff Can Stay Personal

If you’re like me, you utilize the poo (technical term) out of your personal Facebook account. I keep in touch with old school friends, people in different parts of the world and country on a personal level. I show them things that maybe I’m not as comfortable sharing with business colleagues. It gives me a stage to voice more of an opinion than what I feel like my business account should be. In short, my personal stuff stays personal (at least to my 300+ friends).

5) Your Colleagues Personal Stuff Can Stay Personal

Same thing goes for colleagues or acquaintances that maybe you’d like to connect with, but they don’t want to share their personal information with you. Inviting a business connection to be your friend on Facebook vs. giving them the option to voluntarily like your page could be a deterring factor to them connecting with you in the first place.

6) More People Can Like Your Page

Facebook puts a limit of 5000 on the amount of friends you can have. But for businesses, you can have millions of fans. And who doesn’t want that, right?

7) Multiple Admins

With a personal page you, yourself, and you have (or should have) access to it. With a business page, you are able to add additional people to the business page to manage the account. They will not have access to your personal account.

8) Utilizing Apps

Managing a business page allows you to install and create custom applications to enhance your marketing efforts on Facebook. Having a personal page doesn’t give you this option.

9) Insights

With a personal Facebook page, you may never know that your “friends” are actually hiding your content or you entirely vs. unfriending you. And you don’t have any way to tell (unless you consistently keep track of your friend count and that’s just a little narcissistic isn’t it?). With a business page, you have a handy tool called Insights at your disposal. It will tell you when people unlike your page and when they give negative feedback on a post. It also provides a great slew of other helpful marketing information to keep your page growing strong.

Have I convinced you, yet? I might even be missing a few reasons of why it’s just a good idea to separate your business page and your personal page on Facebook.

Do you have any other good benefits of separating the two?


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