The Squishy Peanut Marketing team worked with Wilderness Medical Staffing on two different projects. The first was a presentation for the Washington Rural Health Association Annual Conference. Wilderness Medical Staffing needed a professional-looking presentation and data to round it out.


The second project we worked on was a one-page advertisement for the Montana Hospital Association’s 2019 Convention’s program. Their team felt that the previous advertisement was outdated, too busy, and a bit dark. 


The client wanted a fresher take on the Montana or Alaska wilderness that highlighted the beauty and colors of these regions, while still acknowledging that they offer services in a number of different regions and climates. Wilderness Medical Staffing especially wanted to target professionals in the medical field with a sense of adventure.



For their presentation, we put together a survey of medical professionals to find out what attracted them to take work in rural areas. The survey was attached to a $250 gift card giveaway for one of the participants which encouraged 339 people to complete the survey. 


After we compiled and analyzed all of the survey results, we included the data into the live presentation for Wilderness Medical Staffing. With the help of our designer, the accompanying PowerPoint presentation was visually on-brand and engaging. It provided them with graphically appealing and factually accurate content to present to their peers during the convention.


As for the advertisement, we made use of the gorgeous Montana scenery to brighten up the advertisement but also show the local roots of the company. A fade at the bottom gave space for social icons and icons to represent their services so we could cut down on the text-heavy nature of the previous advertisement.



The presentation was well received at the Washington Rural Health Association and gave everyone some data to understand more about why medical professionals decide to work in rural areas. 


The advertisement was ready with a day to spare on their timeline after a few rounds of edits and was printed in the Montana Hospital Association’s 2019 Convention’s program.