Did you know there are email personalities? If you haven’t thought about the personality you portray in emails, you should.

Having an email address is a powerful asset. It gives you a way to communicate directly to someone who has shown interest in your company. 

But how do you break through the noise of all the other emails people receive during the day? You want to make sure you’re speaking to everyone on your email list in a way they understand. That means changing up your email style every once in a while. 

You may have heard of tests like Myers-Briggs. There are other personality tests that can be helpful in understanding how to speak to your audience too. 

One, in particular, is the DiSC test. This breaks people into four categories: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Having just four categories make this test easier for you to remember. It also means you can make just a few email variations. 

With some, you can even combine certain aspects. Just don’t try to put all four in one email. It will look a little odd. It actually might be impossible anyway. 

For some added fun, we’re breaking down the personality types using characters from Parks and Recreation.

Red – Ron Swanson


There aren’t many people quite like Ron Swanson. He’s a man who knows exactly what he wants. That’s because Ron is a Red. 

He makes fast decisions. Ron just wants to hear the key words he likes (in this case meat, woodworking, and the outdoors). 

Once he hears those words, he wants to know the action to take. Maybe it’s something to click or sign up for. It shouldn’t be complicated. 

Emails to Red personality types can even be shorter. Maybe just a few quick sentences. Get straight to the point. They know what they want and who they are. They don’t need any fluff. 

If you’re trying to combine this with any other types, you might want to consider putting a call to action button early on in your email. Anything that can get a Red personality in and out of the email as quickly as possible. 

Blue – Tom Haverford


Tom is a Blue personality and he loves to be taken on a journey. He wants photos, stories, and emotional drama. 

Blue personalities want to feel invested. They wants to be sold to. Tom and people like him love all things we think of as classic marketing tactics. In fact, most of you might be writing your emails for Blue types. It’s what most people are trained to do.

Just remember that if you’re emails are all looking pretty Blue, you’re not hitting enough of the other personality types.  

Yellow – Andy Dwyer


Yellow personalities like Andy Dwyer just want to have fun! They love to laugh and be entertained. 

They don’t want to hear emotional stories like the Blue personalities. Unlike the Red personalities, they would delete an email without fluff. They love the fluff. 

When you’re writing for the Yellow personalities, you want to use humor, videos, or GIFs. Nothing too serious for the Andy Dwyers of the world. 

Feel free to use exclamation points or emojis and make your emails more like a conversation between you and a friend having a great time together. 

Green – Leslie Knope


Leslie Knope is a Green personality through and through. She relishes details. Leslie wants to know everything. 

Emailing a Green personality type means that you should include as much as you can. They love useful tips and strategies or step-by-step instructions. 

The Leslies of the world have probably already read your entire website and know a lot about you but they love learning more. Give them a chance to learn in your emails. 

Combining Email Personalities


If you’re writing sending an email a week, you can easily rotate between these four personalities every week. However, you might want to try combining the personality types in your emails too. 

For example, let’s say you want to hit both the Reds and the Blues. That might sound hard. Red doesn’t want fluff while Blue wants to be taken on a journey. What you can do is write your intro paragraph for the Reds. Make just a few sentences that get straight to the point and include a call to action. 

Then, you can get into a testimonial or photos that strengthen that main point for the Blues. The Reds will check out but that doesn’t matter, you already gave them what they wanted and they can make their decision to take action. 


Now, what about combining Yellows and Greens. Greens love information while Yellows just want to have fun! It seems like another impossible pairing. 

Try instead to break up the information or useful tips that you’re giving with something fun. Make sure it’s fun stuff that easily stands out. Maybe an appropriate GIF or humorous headline. The Yellows might not read everything but they’ll appreciate the fun things they do see when skimming through. 

Now that you know how to do it, test it out! Watch to see how different emails change your click-through rates. Maybe you’ll find out that your audience is mostly Yellow personality types or that you don’t have any Red personality types on your email list. It’s all about varying your email marketing strategies and seeing what works best.

This blog was inspired by some of the tips used on this episode of the Amy Porterfield podcast. 

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